Our Story

Since 1987, we have been baking deliciously crunchy and wholesome treats for our dogs, here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.
Over the years, our ‘kitchen’ and baking capabilities have expanded but our commitment to quality & freshness remain unchanged.

Always in small batches, baked in our own ovens
We have been oven baking dog treats for all breeds for over thirty years, it’s what we know, and do best as master bakers.
Our artisanal style dog treats are 100% natural, containing whole ingredients of grains, fruit, meat and vegetables.

DARFORD Oven Baked Dog treats.
Meticulously baked. Devoured in seconds.



Our Promise

Our treats were founded on love for our pets and we continue to keep the adoration alive today. Our promise is to create a lifelong connection between every dog and its owner. Our artisanal-style approach means we hand-pick locally sourced ingredients to produce healthy treats for dogs of all breeds.

Our oven-baked dog treats are 100% free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours – all natural, containing wholesome ingredients of grains, fruit, meat and vegetables. By oven-baking our treats, we lock in the flavours, nutrients and antioxidants, which means our furry friends are always eating at their best during those particularly rewarding moments together.

For over thirty five years, we’ve been mastering the recipes of our high- quality treats with meticulous levels of time and care through the entire baking process. We continue to keep our promise to not compromise on taste and quality – we know when they are paw-approved when they get devoured in seconds.